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Beginning of Journey
It all started with a simple problem: finding instant professional website. To develop a professional (business) web site takes minimum three to four weeks which has the involvement of many human resources and on top of that customer has to devote his valuable time. However, after completion of development, it is still not sure that customer will get exactly which he actually discussed prior to development. Time is very precious for businesses and it seemed like there was a real need for a brand that focused on instant professional web site at an attainable price which gives the liberty to customers to choose an option of ready to use web site service not only to save his time & money but also has a essence of his business sector and pragmatic. 

We did research on the Indian IT / software development companies but hardly found anyone which has its own instant professional web site solution in current Digital India campaign. All websites created using foreign frameworks like wordpress, magento, drupal etc had huge performance issues. Then we started to find a solution which should be robust, reliable, secure and of high performance. For a better part of years, our days were spent on effort to learning how it will be possible to develop and challenge converted into passion, while days & nights were spent developing pragmatic solution. After years in Delhi for doing countless attempts, finally, we came up with a technology that was not only deliver what we thought but also much more.  We are proud of indigenously developed innovative technology through our rigorous research & development. 

Today, we are headquartered in Delhi. We hope our technology will assist you to reach your goal and as always, we welcome your inputs to make it more smart, strong & powerful. Our goal is to build a brand - ThemeOrbit, grounded in our core values of instant professional website solution with quality.

We truly appreciate you getting involved.

About ThemeOrbit Templates
ThemeOrbit templates offer professional ready to use web sites for businesses. We welcome you in professional catalogue of ready to use web sites online.

ThemeOrbit templates are ready to use web sites having all the three ingredients:
1)  Design:   Professional Design
2)  HTML:    Front end scripts
3)  CMS:      Content Management System for uploading content

That’s why we say: 
ThemeOrbit templates mean Design + Html + CMS = ready to use website.

To assist businesses in making digital world prosperous for the betterment of the people.

Instant Start & Features
Ready to use web sites are instantly converted into operational website in three simple steps. 

Step-1:       Choose a design from catalogue. 
Step-2:       Buy it and get your installed website.
Step-3:       Map your domain and upload content. 

That’s it!     Your website is live for visitors.

The main features of ThemeOrbit templates are:
1)     Ready to use website (Instant website),
2)     Professional and state of the art Design
3)     Available at Affordable price, 
4)     Well Secure from cyber-attacks, 
5)     Easy content Update and 
6)     Low or no Maintenance.  

Customer Centric
ThemeOrbit want to be customer centric by involving customers in all aspects i.e. from selection & development, quality, missing information, smooth transaction, customer services etc..
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. To improve quality of services, we need your help and participation. We request you to kindly participate actively through sending your valuable feedback. We ensure you that your feedback will be handled seriously and prompt improving action will be taken.

It is Different
ThemeOrbit templates are different from others:
  • It has its own R&D
  • It uses its own indigenous innovative technology
  • It has its own development

It delivers ready to use complete web site solution.

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